Late this evening I decided to create this blog so the only pictures I took today are of my baby boy, Kyrie. I took this picture while his dad fed him his dinner. Look at that little face, isn’t he

just the most perfect little baby ever? He just turned 5 months 2 days ago. I just can’t believe that 5 months have passed since he was born. Time flies to say the least. The first few months of his life are sort of a haze because as all of you parents know, you are very much sleep deprived. Those first few months you have a flood of all these new feelings that you never knew you could have for such a little bitty  person. Add the drop in hormones after pregnancy and waking up all night for feedings and diapers and it = blissful haze.

So this last week my little lovebug started making new sounds, so I figured he would be ready to say “dada”. Yesterday I sat and played with him like I usually do and instead of mimicking his sounds I repeated “dada” over and over so that he could learn the new word. This kid is so smart he picked it up right away and started saying words that very closely resemble “dadadadadada”. He may not understand what it means but he will and it makes me happy. He has also started sleeping 7.5 – 8 hours of straight sleep so I am able to take some time after he goes down for some me time. It’s absolutely wonderful!

We are looking to buy a new house so we have been spending a lot of time on that. We have been on the hunt for well over a year and it is so frustrating. Having put offers on 5+ houses and them not going through has been very disheartening. We found a nice house that needs work but is cheap enough that we can fix up and make our own. So I am really hoping that this one will be the one.

Time for bed, I will make my best effort to come back tomorrow and post a new picture.

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