Project 365

Like many of you (I’m sure I’m not the only one), I have tried to start a blog that I consistently update. I have obviously failed at that so here I go…again. Wish me luck. I’ve always felt a little weird about sharing so much of myself with the world but every so often I get inspired. What inspired me this time you may ask? Well it was a pin on Pinterest that I saw for “Project 365” which I have been wanting to do for such a long time but again have failed at doing. I’m not very disciplined but they say if you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit.

Project 365 is basically taking a picture every day in a year. The picture should document that day as best as possible to help you remember that year. How great would it be to document most days in your life with at least 1 picture? I think it will be great and the fact that I am a new mom most of my pictures will be centered around my son. I’m sure my Facebook friends are probably tired of seeing pictures of my adorable little lovebug so I will just post my pictures here. 🙂 Even if I don’t get any views,  this can help me remember to keep a daily journal of my life.


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