Fourth of July Nails

There are so many nail designs out there for the Fourth of July that I couldn’t help but add my design! I just wish that I had better picture quality.  I was in a hurry and that mixed with bad light and a phone camera = fail.

The designs are fairly easy you just need a lot of time because each layer of polish needs to dry before you move onto the next to keep the colors from smudging. Also, don’t forget to apply a base coat to make your manicure last as long as possible.

For the thumb, I began with a red all over the nail. I added white horizontal stripes with a striping polish and finished with a blue square on the left upper quarter of the nail. Before the blue dried I added silver micro beads to mimic stars. They came out great although you can’t really see them in the picture.

I pained the middle and pinky nails red and once that was dry I painted white stripes vertically and diagonal. Before the white dried, I added blue rhinestones at the top of each stripe.

I covered the ring and index fingernails in blue polish. Once dry, I tried my best to paint a star with white. Before the white dried I added silver micro beads to serve as an outline for each star. No, my stars did not come out perfect and it really bugged me but getting those micro beads on perfectly can be time consuming and difficult. You will most likely need a clear polish to add the micro beads onto the nail because the striping polish tends to dry quickly. Dip your dotting tool (or toothpick etc) into clear polish, apply it on the nail where you want the beads to give them something to adhere to. Once you finish applying them you can use your finger to push them into the polish to make sure they are really stuck in there.

I wait till all my colors are dry and add a top coat.  Good luck if you try this and if you do I would love to see how they came out!

Happy Fourth of July!



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