Breast Cancer awareness marble nails

I’m sure everyone out there knows of someone that has had breast cancer. I am very thankful that a special woman in my life has beat breast cancer and is doing fantastic!

If you or if you know of someone that is being treated, this website has a list and links to freebies to help patients while going through therapy.

During breast cancer awareness month I showed my support on my nails with this pink and white water marble design.



2 thoughts on “Breast Cancer awareness marble nails

    1. If you google or YouTube “water marble” there are a gazillion tutorials out there. Here is the just of it, you put room temperature water in a cup. On the side, you have your polishes open and ready to use. You will also need a toothpick or some type of stick. You drop a drop of polish in to the cup. If the temperature is correct, it will spread. You proceed to drop different colors, one at a time creating a bullseye. Once your satisfied, drag the toothpick over the colors and create a design. Dip your finger,nail side down into the design. Take the excess polish away and pull your finger out. It’s a bit of a process, and makes a little mess but it produces a really cool effect!

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