Flower Power Rainbow Nails

Who doesn’t love flowers in the summer? This cute nail design is easy and fun to wear, especially for a summer party!

What you need:
Base coat
Base neutral color (I used Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl)
Colors of your choice for the flowers (I used – Orly Blue Collar, Sally Hansen Deep Purple, Sinful Colors Cream Pink, Sinful Colors Tapping Nails, Sinful Nails San Francisco & Revlon Electric)
Rhinestones for the centers of each flower
Dotting tool/or a makeshift dotting tool
Top coat (I used Seche Vite)

How to:
Apply base coat over clean nails
Apply neutral color over each nail
With the dotting tool make 4-5 dots close together making sort of a circle for the flower petals. Leave enough room on each nail to “draw” multiple flowers
While the dots are still wet, run a toothpick from the center of each dot toward the outside. It will drag the color out and make the flower petal look.
Apply rhinestone with clear polish to the middle of each flower
I used yellow to draw a leaf on each flower
Apply a topcoat and you are all finished! This design takes a steady hand but isn’t too difficult on both sets of fingers even if you aren’t ambidextrous.



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