It’s been a while! In one of my posts I think I mentioned that my fiance and I were looking for a house. Well….after 2 years we found one, bought it and have moved in! The house had been vacant for over 2 years so it was dusty, pretty gross from the previous owners and the current occupants (gazillions of spiders) were not happy for us to move in. It took us 2 weeks to clean, paint, remove and replace carpet, clean again and get all moved in. Thankfully we have the BEST friends that were a tremendous help, otherwise it would have taken us an extra week to get everything taken care of. So since then I have been working on getting everything put away and organized. We upgraded from 1400sq ft to 2400sq ft so you think it would have been easy but its been hard. Taking care of my now 9 month old and trying to purge and organize has been a bit of a task. This week, I organized and filed all of our paperwork and have finished with my office. I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and feel really accomplished! One particular organization that I just finished and am super excited about it having all my nail stuff organized. All my nail polishes are in the rack that I made so I needed to get all my “tools” out of the basket and into clear view. I can now easy get inspired because I can see all of the fun nail stuff I have collected over the years. It’s true, since I have had my son I don’t spend nearly as much time on my nails as I once did but I can spend the time decorating my nails instead of digging through the stuff!

I went to an office supply store and purchased this desk organizer for $15. It was large enough to fit pretty much all of my supplies and organize them so everything is easy to find.


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