Black & White Using Striping Tape

All I have got to say is how much I love my nails!!! I’ve been looking at 2013 spring trends & I have seen a ton of b&w on the runway especially in lines or geometric patterns. I thought to myself that this would be the ideal manicure to use striping tape!!

I started off with white nails. Applied striping tape after the white had dried completely for an hour or so. You can get creative here and do whatever fun patterns you come up with. I applied black polish on each nail over the tape one by one. As soon as I applied the black, I peeled off the tape. You want to use a polish that will be pretty opaque in one swipe, as it is best to not let the color dry before removing the tape.

I messed up on my middle finger because I forgot which tape I put on last so it smudged a bit. I could have fixed it but didn’t have the extra time.




4 thoughts on “Black & White Using Striping Tape

  1. I bought some nail art tape and have yet to use it because I have NOOOOO idea what kind of design to do or how good they actually work! Your nails look great and have inspired me to finally open the package lol! (:

    1. Im so glad, you will love the designs you can create using the striping tape. At first I was the same as you, but one day I just said screw it and started experimenting. They look so clean and professional, and it’s actually relatively easy to do.

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