St. Patrick’s Day Nails

I don’t have much green, so on St. Patricks Day I feel like I have to have green nails. Sadly, I only have 1 green polish and it’s not a great color or quality. To get good opacity, I need at least three coats and there is still something left to be desired. I figured I would use my iridescent hexagon glitter to give my green nails another dimension and a gold sheen. I wanted a nice rainbow on one nail so I opted for my striping tape. Very precise lines and great color! I added some rainbow rhinestones at the bottom of the rainbow nail which gave it a finished look.

Don’t mind the messy paint job. :-/





5 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Nails

  1. love the holograms. I like the circle ones better, they seem to stay better opposed to these hexagon ones. Since they have more corners, they tend to lift easier

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