August Nail Art Challenge

I swear I really try to keep up with my blog but I have so much other stuff going on I tend to not give it as much love as I should!

I have been addicted to Instagram since June/July and that is because of the wonderful nail art community. I had a lot of fun entering nail art challenges so I knew when I saw CaliforNails Instagram post about a “Totally doable I have a life nail art challenge” for the month of August, I had to participate! Sometimes I find it hard to find inspiration for my nails. I may have a million ideas in my head but can’t decide what to do. Well this awesome little challenge was so much fun and it really was doable with 2 kids under 2.

I am now doing Septembers nail art challenge so in my next few posts, I am going to go through August & catch you up to the present! Get ready because I have a ton of nail art that I’ve done! Yay!


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