31 Day Nail Art Challenge – Green Breaking Bad

Day 4 31dc2013 is green. From the second I saw that green was a theme for this challenge I knew exactly I wanted to do a Breaking Bad manicure. Do any of you watch Breaking Bad? We began watching it last season & were instantly addicted! Not only because the writing & acting is wonderful but also because we live in Albuquerque New Mexico, where the majority of it was filmed. I used to work downtown and watched them construct a desert set from a parking lot, film then take it down. It was really cool!

So my nails were inspired by the title page/logo (is that what you call it) and the blue meth they cook in the show. You have to admit, that thumb nail is awesome! So here is the big question, what do you think will happen the rest of the season? I have no idea how it will end and I’m not even sure how I want it to end. I’m a little sad it’s ending, but it definitely has made a good run and if they were to prolong it, the story would just start to get stale. If you are reading this and don’t watch Breaking Bad, what is wrong with you?!?! Get yourself a Netflix account for a month and stream the episodes and dvr the ones for the current season! Now. Go.



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