31 Day Nail Art Challenge – Rainbow

When I think of rainbows I usually always think of Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon album artwork. (I also think of unicorns, and cake. Rainbow cake) It’s a pretty easy design and such a classic so I had to do it. Sadly, I didn’t do it justice. I initially wanted to use striping tape but I couldn’t find all my colors. I wonder where my son hid them? I saw my micro caviar beads and figured they would work well. I was in a bit of a hurry (as usual) so I didn’t have time to sort through the beads and find all matching sizes. That is the downside of buying cheap stuff off eBay. The quality isn’t always great. So my lines didn’t come out great and the colors aren’t very apparent when placed individually. In the artwork the rainbow lines get wider as they move to the right so I used small rhinestones to show the change. I wish I would have just used all rhinestones on both fingers. Next time.

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