31 Day Nail Art Challenge – Delicate

We have hit the halfway point for the 31 day nail art challenge! I can’t believe how fast it has gone. The theme for the day is delicate. When I think of something delicate I think of lace and flower petals and babies. I wanted to push myself out of my little box again. I think as a pattern scrollwork and piping on a cake is very delicate. Since my base color had no shimmer I thought this would be a perfect time to individually place glitter to form a design on my nails. I went for a scroll design but some lines came out odd. Even though, I still think it came out delicate and pretty. I love the sparkle from the glitter!

Today wasn’t a good day for nail art in my house. Last week I did my mother in laws nails and they came out cute. Today I did another mani on her and I just couldn’t get anything right! We tried half moons but they weren’t looking right. My 3 month old daughter was being fussy with dad and wanted mom so I kept having to go downstairs to calm her down. I ended up going with a simple flower design that just didn’t come out that great. I hate that she has to wear that manicure all week.

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