31 Day Nail Art Challenge – Galaxy Nails

I have wanted to do galaxy nails since I first saw them! Why have I not done this mani before?? There are so many tutorials out there so it’s very easy to do and having seen many I know exactly how to achieve the look I want.

I initially wanted to do planets but I think I will make that in to a series when this challenge is over.

These pictures do not do this mani justice! I used a holo glitter top coat called Fairy Dust by China Glaze that everyone should own. If you do own it then you will understand the beautiful effect it adds to any design! I love the way my pinky nail came out! I wanted if to look like a galaxy and it does!

I have always been so amazed with astrology so this mani was so much fun for me! I can’t wait to do my galaxy series so stay tuned! If it comes out as awesome as it is in my head, it will be worth waiting for.


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5 thoughts on “31 Day Nail Art Challenge – Galaxy Nails

    1. Thank you!!! Fairy dust is a must have for everyone! It can completely take a manicure to the next level and if you like sparkly glittery nails even better!

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