31 Day Nail Art Challenge – Half Moons

I have only tried half moons on one finger last weekend and it didn’t work. Today I was forced in to trying it again and hopefully doing a better job! Well I have to say, my first half moon manicure came out beautiful! I used neon pink and black and in my opinion you just can’t go wrong with that color combination!

My nails are getting to the length where they curl in at the sides. The longer they get the more they curl in. They look horrible and it drives me crazy when they do this! I have been looking at a lot if nail art for inspiration, and the stiletto nail shape has really been appealing to me lately! I have always only been a fan of the square squoval nail shape so this is definitely new for me. I am a little intimidated on changing the shape. What if I don’t like it and I have already cut the sides!!! I would either have to just deal with them or cut them down to nubs! *gasp* What a hard life I lead! Do any of you have the same issue with your nails?

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