My first Influenster VoxBox – Sargento Cheese

I received my first Influenster VoxBox!! Woohooo! I received the Sargento Cheese Voxbox from Influenster and if you know me, you know I love cheese. I eat cheese with almost all of my meals. My mother in law is lactose intolerant so I try my best to remember she can’t eat cheese when I make family meals. Can you imagine not being able to eat cheese? OMG I would die! When I was nursing my son, he would spit up quite a bit and was told to eliminate dairy from my diet to see if that would help. I think I got very defensive and may have cried. If I remember correctly, I gave up cheese just a couple days to prove that it was not my dairy intake that caused him to spit up.

So to say this was the perfect box to review for me is an understatement! I opened the box and inside was a coupon for a free Sargento cheese snack and another one for $1 off. Also included was a cute little cheese snack cooler! What a great way to take a cheese snack to go for my toddler without having to worry about carrying a huge cooler to keep the cheese fresh all day!! I wish they would have sent a second one so when my daughter is a little older.

My family has always been a fan of Sargento cheese. We love the flavor and quality. The cheese sticks are so perfect for snacks on the go and the cheese slices really take a sandwich to the next level. One of our favorite quick snacks that also make for a great lunch is a quesadilla & grilled cheese.







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