31 Day Nail Art Challenge – Artwork

The inspiration for the day is artwork. I have always loved Impressionism and my favorite artist has always been Claude Monet. I did a huge research paper on him and his artwork once. I did another paper on him focusing on a specific piece of art for my art history class a few years ago. If you ever have an opportunity to see one of his pieces in real life you have to! I saw some pieces at MOMA (The Museum of Modern Art) when I was there for college & it was 100% more beautiful then they ever would be photographed.

I saw a tutorial on YouTube that Michelle Phan did and I knew I would be able to try to recreate one of his water lily pieces on my nails. I tried my best and as always was in a hurry for this mani. I think I could have done a better job and I will have to try this again. My tips for this mani is layer, layer, layer, layer. He would spend a lot of time on his artworks and he created so much depth by layering all of the colors many times to create shadow and highlight etc etc. I applied a topcoat once I was finished and then applied a matte topcoat to make it seem more authentic.

The first picture was a picture of the design before I finished. I applied too much white so I had to go over it with more greens and blues to make the design look more like the Water Lilly paintings that I am used to seeing. There are some water Lilly pieces that have more white that show a reflection of the clouds in the sky but it wasn’t the look I was specifically going for.





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