31 Day Nail Art Challenge – Fashion

The day is inspired by fashion. I didn’t have any idea in my head on what to do for this day so off to Pinterest I went. I only had to do a tiny bit of scrolling until inspiration appeared! A really pretty skirt came up that I thought would make for a wonderful design especially now for fall!

I don’t know if I have mentioned or if you have noticed the evolving shape of my nails. I think I mentioned it but in case you missed it I will tell you again 🙂 I have always always always shaped my nails in a square squoval shape. When my nails get to a certain length they begin to curve in at the sides. At that point they just don’t look good. Lately I have really been loving the stiletto nail shape so it seems that if I wanted to keep my nail length I had to reshape them. The last few nail designs I have slowly eased my nails to a point. On this mani, I went a little more pointed than before. I’m actually enjoying my new nail shape much more than I thought I would!



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