31 Day Nail Art Challenge – The Supernatural

When I think of The Supernatural I think of witches and curses and spirits. Well, I didn’t go with anything like that at all! Instead, I was inspired by my state once again. I live in New Mexico and our big supernatural thing is Roswell. Aliens!!! Surprisingly I have never been to Roswell. New Mexico is a huge state so it’s not like you can just take a quick 6 hour drive for the day and I’ve heard Roswell is just kinda blah. Once my kiddos are a little older we will defiantly take a little road trip to check it out!

Anyway, I started thinking of aliens and I came to crop circles! My fiancé, Levon always watched crop circle shows that come out on The History Channel,
discovery, etc & I find them to be very beautiful! Here are some crop circle designs I found!



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