Holy Grail Lipbalm & Sephora Formula X

First of all who has tried the new Sephora Formula X polishes? I hadn’t gone in to a Sephora for a couple months but when I did music played in my head when I saw the new display! Holy wowness the display was huge! There were so many pretty colors and glitters and well I just needed them all! I only purchased 1 called “Ice Princess” (shown below on top of the gold). I couldn’t resist because I hadn’t quite seen a glitter topper like this. Ice Princess has different sized glitter some holo some hex in golds, silvers and larger pieces of rose.



I have always used “Soft Lips” as my lip balm but I stopped buying it about a year + ago because I was tired of the taste. The worst thing about it was every time I put it on I could taste its awful flavor. The flavor was chemical tasting and I was absolutely tired of it. Every time I drank anything or opened my mouth it seemed I could taste it & it was just overwhelming. I knew there had to be a better Lipbalm out there so I went on a hunt for something that would keep my lips hydrated with a pleasant scent and as little if a flavor as possible. It would also be nice to have some natural ingredients since I kiss my babies all day long.

I tried several drugstore lip balms and a few higher end lipbalms. My favorite drugstore ones were the Eucerin one and the Neutrogena naturals ones. My favorite high end one was the Sugar Lip treatment. I asked a few friends what they used and one friend mentioned she used the Lypsyl brand. Soon after she mentioned that I ran into Lypsyl LypRadiance Honey Rose Lip Balm at Big Lots. I opened a package to make sure it didn’t smell like honey (I hate the way honey smells and tastes -yuck) and purchased a couple of them. I used it overnight and I went back to Big Lots the next day & bought the rest!

My ultimate test is to apply it before bed and see how long it lasts, if I can taste it, if it’s uncomfortable to wear and how hydrated my lips feel and look when I wake up.

There are many reasons that made me fall in love with this lipbalm. The scent is light and citrusy. It reminds me of lemonaid and nothing like honey or rose. When you apply it, it’s very light and not at all uncomfortable to wear. There are micro specs of glitter but it’s not very noticeable but provide subtle shine which makes your naked lips look very pretty. There is almost no flavor at all to this lipbalm which is very important! Some of the natural ingredients are Organic shea butter, Pure vitamins A & E & Coconut oil.

The only negative to this product is that I believe it is discontinued because I haven’t seen it any store. The actual product is perfection and I believe it fell directly from heaven. I apply it before bed and I wake up with smooth hydrated lips. They look so plump in the mornings because of all the moisture. I apply it when I wake up and I usually don’t have to reapply during the day. This helps create the perfect canvas for lipstick because with daily use, it smooths out your lips. If you use a matte lipstick apply this Lipbalm before and blot off the excess to help hydrate during the day.


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