Hunger Games – Catching Fire Nails

Another little fact about me is that I LOVE TO READ!!! I grew up in a tiny town with nothing ever to do in the winter so I discovered reading and I immersed myself in the worlds created by authors.

About a year ago I read the Hunger Games trilogy. I’m pretty sure I finished all three books in one weekend because I just couldn’t put them down. It was also impossible to just stop at the first book. It was more than impossible to stop after reading Catching Fire. To say I was exciting about the Catching Fire movie is an understatement. This book was my favorite book out of all three and I was really hoping that they would do the book justice at the movie theater. The first movie was great so I had high hopes for this one.

The movie just came out on Friday, and my fiance and I had to go see it! My mother in law was nice enough to watch the kids so we could get out. It was really nice, we haven’t had a “date” in a few months so on top of the movie being fantastic,being able to spend some alone time was equally as fantastic.

In honor of the movie, I had to do a nail design! I was inspired by the cover of catching fire – black with fire on it and the mocking jay. I wanted to do something simple yet sparkly to represent fire and the glitter of the capital.

I began with a black base and applied red, orange and gold glitter to represent fire. I ADORE how these came out! The top picture is the a glossy topcoat and below that is with a matte topcoat. At first I liked the matte version but the more I look at it, I’m like meh. The very last picture is a close up which really shows the beauty of these nails!





6 thoughts on “Hunger Games – Catching Fire Nails

  1. I so need to read these books! I’ve only really heard good things about the series. Your nails are great, I like the trailing bits of glitter and how the gradients aren’t all equal – it makes it look much more realistic! The matte coated version looks weird, but in a good/different way.

    1. Thank you, I really do love the way they came out. The books are so great! If you liked the movies you will love the books. It’s funny cuz in the books, I liked Peeta much more than in the movies. I think that’s the only character they didn’t get right :-/

      1. I’ve not seen the movies either! I’m one of those people who’d rather read the books first – I always feel the movies mess with the story too much and it takes away from your imagination!

      2. I feel the same way! I always try to read the book before I see a movie. But I do love to see the movie and see how close they came to my imagination. I have to say, they did a pretty phenomenal job! So hurry, read the books so you can see the movies. Well actually, wait to read them so you finish right when the 3rd movie will come out so you don’t have to wait. 🙂

  2. I completely agree and am the same way! The great thing about these movies is they were almost exactly what I had pictured in my head! Such a great job! Same with the new Great Gatsby movie. I love the way they made that movie

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