Sephora X Blue & Neutral glitter

Every time I go to the mall, I have to stop by Sephora. Even if it is just to look at whats on sale. The girls there probably know me which is almost embarrassing but meh whatever. I love makeup and nail polish and I don’t care who knows! With my mom passing, shopping and getting out has really helped me get my mind off of things. Shopping truly is therapy.

Recently if you have walked in to Sephora, you have seen their massive wall of their new Formula X nail polish. They have such a fantastic color selection. Not only colors but a variety of finishes, toppers, glitters, etc etc. My recent purchased have been the Formula X in TNT-a cobalt blue glitter in a clear base, Omni – a cobalt blue cream that matches the color of the glitter TNT, and Virtuoso – a cream cinder grey. Virtuoso is above and beyond my favorite Formula x polish that I have tried. I think its such a unique neutral color and pairs beautifully with TNT and Omni. It would also look amazing against an eggplant purple!





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