How similar is Gelous to a gel manicure?

I have seen this pin going around Pinterest since I got on (2 years-ish) & have been dying to try it! You’re probably wondering what the pin was about right? Ok so here it is, this miracle nail polish “Gelous” available at Sallys Beauty Supply for around $6 is supposed to prolong your regular nail polish manicure for up to 2 weeks. It’s supposed to be chip free and comparable to a real gel shellac manicure. I don’t believe (I need to do more research and will update soon) that the company is making this claim, it’s bloggers that have found this to be true.

You will need:
Gelous Advanced Nail Gel Coat
Color of your choice
Top Coat of choice

Instructions according to this blog

“· Wash your hands to remove any remaining oil, dirt, etc.
· Apply a thin layer of the Gelous Advanced Nail Gel
· Allow a few minutes to let it get semi-dry
· Repeat that – another layer of Gelous & allow it to set…
· Then, use your choice of nail polish & give it 4 or so minutes to set…
· Add yet another layer of the Gelous Advanced Nail gel & allow it to semi-dry
· Add another layer of your nail polish
· Apply Top Coat…”

I followed these instructions except I cleaned my nails with acetone before I began and I used Seche Vite as my topcoat. As my color, I used Sally Hansen Triple Shine in “Dive In” that I received courtesy of Influenster. There will be more information on that in a later blog post.

Come back for daily results and updates. I will have more pictures videos and information on my Instagram – happilyeverose.


I had very big expectations for this top coat but it failed miserably. Within 24 hours, I had chips on 3 nails on my dominant hand. Within 36 hours, the chips had peeled and I just had to remove it. However, on my non dominant hand, the manicure held up very well & looked perfect. No chips and very shiny.

I plan on trying the experiment again because I kind of can’t believe the results were so bad. I may try it as only a top coat as well since that is it’s intended purpose.

The odd thing about this mani was once it chipped it kind if started to peel back. It’s kind of hard to explain so let me try. When I normally have chipping at the tips it drives me nuts. I have to hold myself back from picking at it. When I do pick at it, if anymore chips, they come off in small pieces and are hard. When I picked at this mani it didn’t chip, it peeled back as though it wasn’t adhered to the nail.

Check back for a couple more experiments using Gelous again!

Nails after 24 hours.



Nails after 36 hours




8 thoughts on “How similar is Gelous to a gel manicure?

    1. Just posted results! No, this topcoat does not require a UV or LED light which is why I was very excited to use. Off the subject, some studies have shown that UV lights can lead to skin cancer so always buy LED. Scary right?

  1. Didn’t want to leave my number on ur instagram with your 500 followers lol text me 575 218 6201…I wanna go visit soon

  2. Gelous doesnt need a UV light. It’s simply a gel-like clear coat. I’ve been using it a couple of weeks, and while it stays shiny, it does tend to peel after 4 or 5 days with me. Someone suggested I use too much lotion, but it’s a requirement since I wash my hands alot!

    1. Same here, I use lotion several times a day. Especially now in the winter! I also use cuticle oil/butter several times a day. I find that Seche Vite works just as well as Gelous.

  3. I have inch long natural nails and I have been using Gelous for years ever since it first came out. I have never and I mean never had any issues or chips or problems with it. I use it at a base coat (2 coats) then I put my polish over it so I don’t layer it as I have seen others do. I type 12 hours a day up to 18 hours a day too. My nails are always perfect

  4. I have been using Gelous for over a year, one coat as a basecoat, 2 colored polish and a clear top coat of choice, polish stays on for at least five days before starting to wear at the edges, and my nails are so soft that polish usually chips after one day. If you use to many coats of Gelous, it will peel off very easy, the less the better. I have also touched up peeled edges with the color and then added a top coat of Gelous and that usually gets me a couple more days.

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