Pop Art – Cubism nail art

In instagram land, the theme for the day was pop art. It’s funny because pop art is actually one of my least liked art. I’m more of a realism or Impressionism kind of girl. So I chose a piece that lies between cubism & popart. Or at least I think it does. I got inspired by a piece called “scratch & sniff” by Fidostudio. I’m not familiar with this artist but I did find the piece interesting. The more I look at this I think it’s definitely more cubism than popart. Hmm, oh well.

Here is the art I was inspired by and below that is my nail art rendition. I added some glitter to the design just to give it brighter color.







3 thoughts on “Pop Art – Cubism nail art

    1. I don’t think I had ever really admitted it out loud till this post. Haha This was acrylic over white nail polish base. I find nail polish too difficult to use for small detail like this

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