Loreal Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque 1-2-3

Hey there ladies!!

Have any of you seen the Loreal Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque 1-2-3 kit at your stores recently?? I’ve been very curious to try the kit but it’s hard to believe that it will perform any differently than other base & top coats. For $9.99 I just couldn’t resist! I bought the color miss luster-ess for $6.99. It’s a beautiful dusty lilac color.

I couldn’t wait to try it, so as soon as I got home I removed my nail polish and prepped my nails. I applied one thin coat of the “gel-primer” and let it set for a couple minutes. It stayed tacky and I was intrigued! It went on easily and I liked the brush. It was thin and slightly angled.

As instructed, I followed with 2 coats of the color. The brush on the color polish was also very flat and a little too narrow for my taste. It took too many swipes to apply the color to my entire nail. The color itself is self leveling and very opaque. If applied carefully, you only need 1 coat but instructions said apply 2 coats and I generally apply 2 anyway. The color was very pretty but nothing special when it came to shiny-ness.

When I applied the topcoat is when I fell in love. Could this topcoat replace my SecheVite? The topcoat smoothed everything out, gave gorgeous shine and dried quickly. I just loved how this topcoat transformed an otherwise mediocre mani to a beautiful professional looking one!

I couldn’t stop staring at my beautiful nails! All that shine! So the real test for me is how long will it last without chipping & will it smudge nail art? So far it has lived up to its claims of “Perfectly shaped & volumized nails and Rich, ultra glossy color”.

Stay tuned for chipping and smudging tests!


Here are my nails immediately after application. Don’t mind my super dry cuticles and fingers. Winter is very harsh on my skin!


Here are my nails about 12 hours later & after a shower. My middle finger chipped right at the tip. Let’s see how the other nails hold up.


It’s been 24 hours since I applied the polish, and other than the chip from earlier, they’re holding up well. They’re still super shiny and no other chips have occurred. In addition to a shower, I have bathed 2 kids, scrubbed pans, and done light housework. Also, having 2 kids in diapers keeps me washing my hands A LOT!


This is 48 hours since the polish has been applied. As you can see there really hasn’t been much change. The tip of that middle finger chipped slightly more but it was probably due to me picking at it. Oopsy. There is some wear on the tip of my thumb, but it isn’t a lot.


3 days later and this manicure looks pretty great….on my left (non dominant) hand anyway. The chipping is minimal except for the middle finger. I really didn’t want to show my right hand because it’s kind of embarrassing. I just can’t keep any length and my index finger nail just broke. In order for this to be an honest review, I feel obligated to show you the mess that my right hand has become. The chipping and peeling began this morning and has continuously gotten worse. I had high hopes for the lasting power of this manicure but they are gone.

I think that the chemical makeup of my nails has changed quite a bit in the last year+. While I was pregnant with my daughter, my toes wouldn’t hold polish for longer than a week. Prior to that, I would polish my toes and it wouldn’t chip. I would end up having to remove the polish because it had grown out & that’s just not cute! Almost the same story with my finger nails. I would polish them and as long as I used basecoat and topcoat it would last about 5 days without any chipping whatsoever.

The life of this manicure has ended and I’m actually glad because I’ve been having nail polish withdrawals! The last 3 days have been fun and all, but I get to try something new now & am very excited!



Before I remove this manicure which has been on for 3.5 days, I wanted to test how the topcoat acts over nail art. After spending a lot of time on your nail art the last thing you want is for it to smudge with a topcoat. I applied different colors and types of designs on my nails so I could test. I did 2 stamping with white and pink on my index and pinky fingers. On my middle finger I did a chevron tip using black and on my ring finger I added white polka dots. I allowed all designs to dry as I normally would before applying topcoat. There was minimal streaking on the stamping designs. On the black tip, the brush picked up some of the black and smudged toward my cuticle. NOT good. It also smeared a couple polka dots near the tip of my nail. It’s not the worst topcoat for nail art, but you definitely have to be careful. I applied a bead of topcoat and sort of floated it on top of the nail. I was careful to not apply much pressure or use many strokes. All you want to do is preserve the design, you don’t really want to disturb it.


Even though my manicure didn’t last long on my right hand, I really did love how this kit worked on my left hand. It left the polish very shiny and it actually did manage to give my nails a nice shape. I would recommend this kit for a plain 1 color per nail manicure because of its tendencies to smudge the color.


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