Watercolor Nail Art

I have really come to appreciate watercolor art. I love how delicate it is.

The past few months I’ve seen some nailart creating bubbles on the nail and thought it was so unique, for nailart. I used the same method to create a landscape of grass, flowers & butterflies.

I began with 2 coats of white nail polish. I applied a matte topcoat to allow the “watercolor” to adhere and not slide off the otherwise glossy surface of regular nail polish.

I applied a drop of each acrylic paint color I was going to use on to a paper plate that had a coating on top so it wouldn’t absorb water. I then diluted each color with water until I had the desired consistency.

Here comes the fun part. Begin by picking up the color with a small brush and place the drop on your nail. Shape it and leave it for a few seconds. Dap your brush on a paper towel and pat the brush on the color while it’s still wet. The brush will absorb the extra water and leave a light watercolor effect on the nail. Very simple and one of the most fun nail art techniques I’ve done!



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