What you should be doing when you file your nails

Have you ever gone to file your nails but you can’t seem to get the shape right? Or you think you have the perfect shape and you polish your nails and they’re lopsided? I have and it’s so frustrating! Especially if you are trying to grow your nails out and you end up taking more length off than you really want to. Urgh!

I have a simple tip that’s going to change your life! When you get ready to shape your nails, paint them white first! This will allow you to see your shape easier and save you a lot of frustration.

For example, I recently reshaped my nails. I filed them while they were naked and that was a huge mistake! I thought I had a great shape until I decided to test it and polish them white. Boy had I missed the mark! See picture below for my awful file job. I had heard of this tip before but I completely forgot until my instagram friend @gracefulnailz02 wrote about it! What a life saving tip!



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