SensatioNail Gel Polish Starter Set

Alright everyone, I have a brand new obsession. It is at home gel nails using SensatioNail kit.

I recently purchased the SensatioNail Gel Polish Starter Set in Raspberry Wine. I tried it and I immediately became obsessed. I was a little scared about removal, but I did a lot of research and found a lot if tips which I will share on a later post.

The starter kit includes everything for 10 manicures. So if you keep it on for 2 weeks, that’s 20 weeks of gorgeous shiny nails. The price for my set was $59.99 but I got it on sale at CVS for $39.99. I had CVS bucks, so it came out to free! Yay!! The kit includes:

Pro 3060 LED Lamp
Gel Cleanser
Gel Primer
Gel Base & Top Coat
Gel Polish
Lint-free Wipes
Double-sided Nail Buffer
Manicure Stick
Detailed instruction sheet

You will have to repurchase the Gel Cleanser, Gel Primer, Gel base & Top Coat, Gel Polish & the Lint free Wipes. They have an Essentials Kit for $29.99 (at my store) when you run out of everything. I believe they sell the items separately on their website and at Walmart.

I ran out and purchased several colors mainly because they were on sale & honestly, I couldn’t just have 1 color! All of the colors I have tried are amazing! The colors that you would expect to be opaque, are. They aren’t streaky and apply like a dream. Well, all except one.

I was slightly disappointed with White Lily. Out of all the colors to be less than perfect consistency why oh why oh why does it have to be such an essential color? White Lily is their simple creamy opaque white that I see as a must have for nail art. The problem with White Lily is it’s very thick, making it a little more challenging to apply. My first bottle of White Lily was just plain awful. It was very thick and gloppy and the brush was messed up. Using my receipt I exchanged it for another bottle. The second bottle had a better consistency and brush. It was still thicker than the others but not impossible.

The price may be sticker shock for some of you but consider how much just 1 gel manicure costs at a salon. I have paid $35-$45 plus tip for a simple shellac or gel manicure. You also must take into consideration how much more the price is if you want to include any special effects such as glitter, rhinestones, design etc. This kit would have paid for itself on your 2nd or 3rd use.

I normally get bored and change my mani every couple days. Sometimes every day. Sometimes more than once a day because I enjoy it. I have also spent a lot of time, sometimes hours on a manicure. Nothing makes me sadder when the design has chipped and I need to remove it. Having this system has allowed me to capture gorgeous designs for longer than just a couple of days.

In the past week, I am very excited to have become a SensatioNails Ambassador. It’s so exciting to be able to promote a product that I truly love and believe in!

Since this is my current obsession, please stay tuned for tutorials, tips and exciting ways to use your kit!

Here are almost all of my new colors! I know, I may have gone a little crazy but I simply had to have all of these! My store didn’t have any bright fun colors (besides Pink Daisy) so I really can’t wait for spring and summer to get her to get my hands on the gorgeous bright colors I’ve seen!



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