How to remove SensatioNail gel nail polish

A lot of people are nervous about removing gel nail polish. I have heard horror stories & it makes me sad that the removal process has deterred so many people from enjoying at home gel manicures. Below I will list everything you need and detailed instructions on how to make this process as easy as possible! Most importantly, how to remove with no damage to your natural nails.

What you need:
Nail File
Cotton balls/squares/circles etc
Tin Foil
Rubber glove (optional)
SensatioNail remover tool (or orange stick)
Cuticle Oil






1) Prepare your cotton and foil. Cut foil pieces about 1″-2″ by 3″-4″ for each nail. Also cut your cotton in to small pieces, one per nail. You only need the cotton to cover the nail.

2) File the surface of each nail only where the gel is applied. Doing this will allow the acetone to penetrate the gel. Be very careful doing this, you don’t want to damage the cuticles or nail bed.

3) Apply a generous amount of acetone to the piece of cotton. Place the foil down with your finger on top of it in the middle, nail up and making sure the longest part of the foil is perpendicular to your finger. Apply the soaked cotton on top of your nail. Pull the foil up and around your finger and the cotton, sealing and pressing the cotton against your nail. Be careful to not squeeze too tightly, you don’t want to cut off circulation to your finger. Do this to all of your nails. The foil will allow your body heat to heat the acetone to better penetrate and break down the gel.

4) (Optional) Put a rubber glove on each hand like normal. This will allow you to do things easier without worrying about loosing the foil. I also found that the gloves help hold the foil and cotton tightly against my nail.

5) Wait 20 minutes.

6) This can get messy so clear a space with a a paper towel down so you can remove the gel. I find that the SensatiNail removal tool ($5) works best to remove the gel from your nails. If you don’t have one, you can use an orange stick, cuticle pusher etc.

7) Remove the glove, foil & cotton from 1 finger while pressing down against the nail while you pull. Test this nail by gently scraping the gel from the nail with your tool. Be VERY gentle and scrape only the gel. Try not to scrape the nail bed. If the gel is easy to remove then you can remove the foil and cotton from all other fingers. Scrape gel from all nails.


8) Use acetone on some cotton to remove any little bits that might be attached to the nail. Thoroughly wash your hands paying close attention to the fingers. Apply your favorite cuticle oil on each nail and rub it in.

That was easy, right?! And with no damage to your nails! If the gel doesn’t remove easily, just reapply the cotton and foil for a few minutes longer. You don’t want to peel the gel off or scrape too hard. Doing this will damage your nails. Patience will work in your favor during this process.


A tip that also helps with removal is to only apply the primer to the edges of the nail. Don’t apply it in the the very center. It’s such a great product that you only need it around the cuticle and tip of the the nail.

Please let me know if you have any other tips. I hope this helps you all and takes away some of the fear of gel removal. I have a short video on my Instagram of the removal process. @happilyeverose

I need to thank @sabrine_sensationail @deevinedeezine for most of these tips. Thank you ladies!


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