Out The Door Top Coat Review

When you want a long lasting shiny manicure there are some basics that you need. One is a basecoat and the other is a good topcoat. Once I found Seche Vite, nothing has ever seemed to live up to it. It leaves a long lasting shine, it dries very fast, and doesn’t smudge nail art. It does shrink my polish which drives me a little crazy sometimes so I’m still in search of the perfect topcoat.

I’ve seen Out the Door top coat at my local beauty supply stores and have seen many people use it online so I’ve been wanting to try it for some time. Recently I saw a video that Makeup by Tiffany said she loved this topcoat even more than Seche Vite. One day I was in CVS and I saw it so I decided to try it since it was sort of stuck in my head since I saw her video. As soon as I got home, I took off my polish and did a new mani. I did my standard base coat and 2 coats of color. I applied the topcoat and the oddest thing happened. The brush picked up the color of the nail polish. Without noticing the first time, I went in for more topcoat and saw all the color in the bottle. Oh well, damage done. I let this sit for at least an hour + without doing much besides playing with my kids. I took a shower and in the shower my nail tip hit the top of another nail and it made a huge dent. I touched my nail and it was still kind of squishy. It seemed as though the polish still hadn’t completely dried. I didn’t do thick coats. I did my usual routine and with Seche Vite, I can take a shower 10-15 min after I’ve applied it without a problem. It wasn’t looking good for this “fast drying” top coat.

The next day I wanted to do some nail art that I’ve been thinking of for some time. I used a base and let that dry completely. I applied striping tape and polished over with black. I cleaned up my lines and made sure this nail art looked good. I let this completely dry before applying any topcoat because I know that black can smudge easily. This was a great time to test Out the Door top coat to see if it smudges nail art. I did the standard bead and I floated it on top without touching the brush to my nail. Well guess what happened. It smudged badly and completely ruined my nails. I returned it to CVS the next day.

I’ve concluded that this topcoat is absolutely awful. If you don’t do nail art, smudging isn’t a big deal BUT it wasn’t even fast drying and picked up the color which makes the topcoat turn colors. I urge you, don’t waste your money. I’ve received a lot of feedback and several people have had the same experiences as I did so I know I didn’t just have a bad bottle.




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