Winter Olympic Nails

Who’s excited for the Winter Olympics?? Not me so much actually. I’m not really in to any of the winter Olympic events. Even so, I did feel the need to create some Winter Olympic nails!

Both of these nail art designs include using Sensationail at home Gel manicure system. I purchased the set several months ago and absolutely adore it. I am still building up my collection of colors, so I usually have to use acrylic paint or nail polish for a lot of the art.

This first nail art was created using White Lily as a base. I used acrylic paint and regular nail polish for the art. I am very proud to say that these were featured on the Nail It Magazine website!



The second set of nails, I also used White Lily as a base. On top I used all acrylic paints for the art and Cool breeze for the blue lettering. I tried my best to paint the Mountain landscape of Sochi but it turned out to be a big fat fail! On a side note, I would really love to take a painting class, I think it would really help my art.




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