Holo gradient

I loved the Milani holo blue polish so much, I had to use it again! This time I used my gorgeous Aurora by Zoya to achieve a gradient effect. 2 of my favorite colors are blue and purple so just add holo glitter and I’m absolutely in LOVE! Oh and by the way…a had a break so I had to cut all my nails down. I tried to mend it with a tea bag and Orly Nail Rescue and gel! It just kept bugging me and the fact that I just couldn’t get my nail shape right seemed like it was time to cut them down. I’ve been enjoying them but I do wish they were a little longer for more nail art.

This look is very easily achieved! There are a few ways to achieve a gradient like this but the way I did it was as follows:

Apply blue over entire nail.

Apply the purple and blue on the end of a makeup sponge.

Sponge the colors on to the nail being careful where I want the purple to appear.

Reapply until desired effect is achieved.

Apply topcoat.

A tip…work fast. Don’t let the nail polish dry on the sponge because it won’t blend as well and you may find little pieces of sponge get stuck on your nail.



3 thoughts on “Holo gradient

    1. Thank you, I actually just addressed this in the post! If it doesn’t make sense, YouTube sponge gradient and it will give you a better idea!

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