Essie 2014 Spring Collection

Hi everyone! So the Essie Spring collection has been out for a while and I’ve had these for a few weeks, I just haven’t had a chance to wear them! I only have two of them, but in my opinion they are the best ones!

The first one is called Truth or Flare. It is described on Essie website as a “vintage blue denim”. I would call it a dusty light blue. You can call it whatever because it’s gorgeous! I have nothing like it in my collection. The formula is fantastic which makes it even better!


The second color I have is my favorite! It’s called Hide and Go Chic. This color is described by Essie as “covetable azure blue”. If this is what Azure blue is then I love Azure blue!! This color is fabulous! Again, I have absolutely nothing like this in my collection and I am so happy that I own this! Let’s talk about how difficult it is to capture the true color of this polish. I took something like 100 pictures (at least) in different types of light, exposure etc etc. I finally settled on this being the best I can get. Imagine this picture being just a tad darker and more of a vibrant teal color. I looked online and pretty much all of the swatches I saw weren’t true to color so I know it isn’t just me that had a hard time capturing it’s beauty. This polish has a great formula and is opaque in 2 coats.


I hope to get my hands on “Style Hunter” next! >


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