I haven’t done a successful watermarble in a very long time. I decided today was the day! I made a sacrifice to the watermarble gods and I prayed for 7 days and 7 nights. Tonight I was going to succeed at the elusive watermarble!

I got all of my materials ready. I did the Elmer’s glue method around my fingers so I wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of the notorious cleanup.

I did a test run with the temperature of my water and the polish spread so beautifully! YES!!! This was really going to happen! The clouds spread, the sun shown down on me and the angels sang! Then I started my first bulls eye. This is when the angels stopped singing, the sun hid and the anonymous clouds appeared. Oh no! What had I done to offend the watermarble gods? Oh no! I finished my right hand and it was just as horrible and messy as I remembered. Alright that’s ok, my left hand will go better. Right? No, not right. Things got worse. I got bubbles. The bullseye would stick to my toothpick and it would all come out. The polish wouldn’t spread. Once I got something decent, I couldn’t pick up the leftover polish with the toothpick and when I pulled my finger back out, it just became a gloppy mess. At this point, I was aware of how hot it was and how sweaty I had become. This watermarble was going to be the end of me. How could things possibly get worse?

I spoke too soon.

Once I finished the final finger, I realized how badly I had to go to the bathroom. I had to wait for the glue to dry so I could pull it off and the thick gloppy watermarble on my nails was still wet. Why did I do this?! Why do I always try this even though I know how it’s going to turn out?

The glue was a pain in the butt to remove but I didn’t have to use harsh acetone all over my fingers which was good. Now I’m left with a mediocre watermarble and I’m so annoyed. I need a beer. Yes, this watermarble has driven me to drink. I curse you watermarble gods. I curse you. If I ever decide to try this again, I give permission to any of you out there to slap me and remind me of how painful this was. I don’t know what you ladies do to have been blessed by the watermarble gods but I am not willing to do it!



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