Hard Candy Soda Pop

When I saw this red white and blue glitter topper called Soda Pop by Hard Candy, I had to have it! If you read my previous blog post, I picked up the Salon Perfect toppers that look similar to this.

This topper has matte red white and blue glitter in different sizes. I love this topper, it’s amazing. Shown below are 1 coat on my pinky, 2 coats on my ring finger, 3 coats on my middle finger and I sponged it on my index finger. This polish is jam packed with glitter in a clear base. It applied so beautifully! I didn’t have to fish at all and it applied fairly evenly for a glitter topper. I love how this looks on all fingers! I can’t wait to do a design with this color! Yay.




2 thoughts on “Hard Candy Soda Pop

  1. I love that effect! It looks amazing on your nails, really helps that you showed it that way instead of just the bottle. Looks great on plain/clear nails too…I wonder what it’d look like with a tinted red, like those OPI tints.

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