Madam Glam Soak Off Gel

Hi everyone, I have an exciting new product that I wanted to share with all of you nail lovers!

Madam Glam sent me their UV Soak Off Gel base coat, top coat and three colors in Baby Pink, Baby Blue and Magenta. I was very excited to try these products because the colors are absolutely gorgeous! I tested these gel polishes for longevity and they help up perfectly for 10 days. The topcoat shine wasn’t nearly as shiny on day 9/10 as it was on day 1 but they did hold up for 10 days without chipping and that is typical with all gel polishes that I have used.

My favorite colors were Magenta and Baby Blue. The baby pink seemed to need too many coats for the opacity that I desired. However, the Magenta and Baby Blue only needed 2 thin coats to be fully opaque and utterly beautiful! I adore their packaging and the way their bottles have the color at the top! On my other gel polishes, I always put a small dot of gel polish on the top of the handle & cure it so I can easily see what color I want. This feature takes the guess work out of selecting a color.

All in all I have enjoyed using Madam Glam UV Gel soak off polishes. Their customer service is top notch which always always always scores high points with me! They were so kind to put together a 30% off code for my readers & subscribers! If any of you are interested in purchasing any Madam Glam products follow THIS LINK and enter code “YGEL30OFF” for 30% off!!! Tutorial for this look is available on my Instagram page or Youtube page.




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