Revlon Holographic Pearls

I’m sure you have seen either the new displays or pictures of the new Transforming Effects topcoats release from Revlon. There is one in particular that I have had my eye on since I saw it online and I had to have it! I finally had a chance to go to Walgreen’s and I found a full display! I picked up 2 of the Holographic Pearl. In the bottle it looks a lot like China Glaze Fairy Dust so I knew I had to test them out to see how similar they are to one another.

First off let’s talk about Revlon Holographic Pearl on its own. It is a silver holographic topcoat made to “transform” any color. The formula is quite thin but I find that it is quite perfect for what its meant to do. You want to make sure you wipe off enough polish otherwise you may have some flooding and that isn’t ever fun. Because it is so thin, it dries fairly quickly. I found with 2 coats, it was quite textured but as I got in to coat 3 and 4 it leveled out and became smooth. I always apply a topcoat, so the texture or lack of texture really doesn’t affect me.

This is not an opaque glitter polish, so if you want it to be opaque, you have to build it up. With that being said, one coat didn’t cover much of my nail but it gave a lovely effect. 2 coats gave more coverage and if you want you bottom color to peak through the topcoat, 2 coats may be too thick. 3 coats gave an almost 100% opaque effect. 4 coats completely covered my nail. It built well upon itself and because the formula is quite thin, 4 coats didn’t appear too thick.

In this picture, I applied 1 coat, 2 coats, 3 coats and 4 coats without a topcoat and without any undies.

holographic pearls2b

The picture here shows the first 2 nails with 1 and 2 coats using Revlon Holographic Pears and the last 2 nails using China Glaze Fairy dust with 1 and 2 coats. Revlon Holographic Pears is more dense with holographic glitter. 2 coats of Fairy Dust looks exactly like 1 coat of Holographic Pearls.

holo vs fairy dust2p

I am incredibly happy to have found this polish because I am running very low on my China Glaze Fairy Dust & the fact that it is slightly more opaque, makes me a very very happy nail polish hoarder!

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