L’Oreal Masked Affair

If you have an Instagram & follow the nail community I am sure you have seen pictures of L’Oreal “Masked Affair” from the new “Dark Shades of Grey” collection everywhere! It seems that everyone is on the hunt for this polish so I of course had to see what the big deal was. I went to my local Walgreen’s and was happy when I saw they had 2 in stock, so of course I had to grab them both. I bought it at night so I knew I had to wait until the sun come out to see the true beauty of this holographic polish.

When I applied it, it wasn’t as opaque as I expected. I ended up applying 4 coats with Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat to get the look that is shown in my pictures. It wasn’t the best formula I have worked with, but it wasn’t bad. It built up easily without any streaking. This is my very first L’Oreal polish so I was pretty happy with it. The brush was small and flat. Mine was rounded on one side and kind of odd on the other side. This made me have to turn the brush to apply it to the other side of my nail. I wasn’t too happy about that because I typically brush off excess polish from one side and only use one side of the brush. I’m not sure if this was only with the brush I got or if this is typically with all L’Oreal polishes. Inside, this polish just looks like a silver glitter polish. In some light you can catch some of the rainbow holo goodness but when you step outside in the sun, it really comes to life! I took several pictures because if you have ever used a holographic polish, you know how it can look different at different angles.

This was a nice holo polish, it’s nice to see drugstore companies bringing popular indie type polishes to the mass market. Have you found this polish? What do you think of it? Below are way too many pictures in direct sun. *swoon*

Masked Affair (4b)

Masked Affair (7b)

Masked Affair (10b)

Masked Affair (1b)

Masked Affair (3b)


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