Caption Polish by Young Nails

I’m sure you all know that I love nail polish right? Blues pinks, cool tones warm tones, matte, shimmer and everything in between! I have tried my fair share of polish brands. There are some I love, some I like and some I hate. There are certain things that I look at when I decide what I feel and think of the brand. 

First I look at the packaging. Is there anything that stands out to me? Is it unique? How will it fit in my storage? Is it is 3 or 5 free? When I remove the cap/brush from the bottle, I look at the brush. Is it thin, or wide? How will it fit on the nail? After it’s been open for a while, I notice the scent. There are some (looking at you e.l.f and kleencolor) that smell horrible. Even if the color is nice, I will not use those polishes. After I have prepped my nails, I apply the polish. How opaque is it? How does the brush perform? Is the formula thick or watery? Is it self leveling? Does the brush leave streaks? If it needs to be built up, how easy is it to build up the color? Does it dry fast, or take forever?  How true to the way it looks in the bottle is it on the nail? How is the wear time? Does it chip easily? Can it last a long time for a client? This pretty much goes for any type of polish: regular polish, hybrid or gel. 

So now that you have an idea of what I look for in a polish, let’s move on to the review. 

I tend to obsessively research the heck out of things I am interested in. I will spend every free moment digging through every article, picture, review etc etc etc until I can no longer contain my obsession and purchase the product. When I purchase it, I thoroughly use the product in every situation I can think of. Does it live up to my standards, exceed or fail. 

Since I started my journey to become a nail tech, I have elevated my nail obsession to a more professional level with different companies and products. There is one company in particular that has stood out to me. They have not only met, but exceeded my standards and expectations. Their customer service is just absolutely fantastic! They have educational videos on YouTube where Greg Salo ( President) genuinely and enthusiastically shows and explains different techniques. These videos have helped me so much, you wouldn’t believe. Young Nails has week long nail education “boot camp” for gel and acrylic nail application that I feel would be helpful to any nail professional. One day, I hope to attend both because I know I need a lot of help perfecting both my gel and acrylic application and confidence. 

Aside from all of that, each Young Nails product that I have tried I have loved. This moves me to my main subject, the new nail polish line from Young Nails called “Caption”. This excerpt is taken directly from their website:

“Our mission is to revolutionize the modern manicure, and it’s officially begun. The first nail polish ever to incorporate multi-patented LAC Q3 technology, Caption Polish is a breakthrough, challenging the very notion of what a nail polish should be, and redefines what nail color and effects can achieve. As nail care professionals, we wanted something beyond existing gel technology, a futuristic solution that simply makes it simple to express and personalize; apply and remove. The revolution has begun, the future is now, and we couldn’t be happier.”

Caption polish is on trend by making a hybrid nail polish that has the ease of a nail polish and durability of a gel polish. I saw a Caption Polish display at my local professional nail supply and chose a couple colors. I didn’t get the base and topcoat, so I can’t confirm or deny the durability of the whole Caption Polish system but it lasted over a week without chipping for me. Caption is 3 free and has a regular smell. The bottle is cute, and fits well in my storage. When I opened the bottle, I almost fell down! The brush is perfection. PERFECTION! It has a round shape that fits perfectly snug against the cuticle. It is fairly thin when you hold it to the side and the brush is somewhat wide but not too wide. The bristles have the perfect amount of stability. It’s just gosh…it’s perfect. Let me put it this way, The Caption Polish brush is what anyone that loves nail polish dreams of. 

Let’s talk application. It was the easiest polish application I have ever done in my life. I applied 3 coats of “Looking for husband #2”. The polish basically just laid itself perfectly on each nail. There was very minimal cleanup necessary, because of that brush. You don’t have to manipulate the brush to give you a beautiful clean cuticle line, it just happens. I left it alone (no topcoat) to see how long it would take to dry, and in 10-15 minutes it seemed to be perfectly dry. I rubbed it and changed a diaper etc etc and nothing. No dents! 

Let’s talk about this color. Looking for Husband #2, is gorgeous! It is a Taupe creme with gorgeous blue and purple holographic flakes. Indoors, the gorgeous  taupe shade is more prominent over the blue and purple shimmer. As you move your hands around, the blue and purple shift. In the sun, or specific light, that shimmer really comes to life! If you’re a taupe lover, which I am, you will absolutely adore this polish! Now, I need more Caption Polish!! 

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